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United Spas - CBT7 Control Pack - Heater On Bottom, Topside Panel, & Cords - CBT7


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  • Great replacement for your old control system:


    Standard Feautures

    - Self-Standing Control (Included)

    - T7 Digital Topside (Included)

    - 2 Speed 1st Pump Ready / Cord (Included)

    - 1 Speed 2nd Pump Ready

    - Circ. Pump Ready

    - Blower Ready

    - 12v Spa Light Ready / Cord (Included)

    - Ozone Ready

    - Flo-Thru Stainless Steel Heater (Included) 


    - 11" Tall

    - 19" Wide

    - 3.25" Deep 

    - 15" Heater measurement without Union Nuts (Just Steel cylinder) 

    - 16.5" Heater measurement with Union Nuts 

    T5 Topside Dimensions

    - 5" x 2.5" 

    • The included T7 Topside requires only a 1.75" hole saw to install! 

    NOTE: These units come standard with the cords for the light and a two speed primary pump, if additional AMP cords are needed please check out our site.These controls come standard with primary and secondary pumps wired for 240v, light wired for 12v, and all other components (blower, ozone, circulation pump, stereo/aux) wired for 120v. Voltages of these controls may easily be changed by moving the neutral wires at the power block in the control as needed.

    The beauty of the C7 control series is it’s simplicity. All the components from the relays to the fuses are located right on the board. This is nothing new, except that the C7 series accomplishes this without having high voltage run through the board. With this unique design, you get the convenience of an all-in-one board with the safety and longevity of low power electronics. The C7 goes a step further. The C7 also incorporates color coded receptacles and wiring so changing the voltage of a component is as easy as moving it’s color coded neutral wire on the power block.  Safety, built-in  The C5 series of controls are one of the industry’s first controls to be fully tested and approved under the latest editions of UL testing requirements for the United States, and CSA testing requirements for Canada. What’s more is that all C7 control systems come ready to work internationally. As long as the unit is ordered with the proper transformer, it can be shipped and powered up just about anywhere.   

    The T7 Topside Control


    For the last 6 years we have been diligently working to develop the future of electronic spa controls. With the release of the T7 Topside Control we take our first step into this bold new future, finally doing away completely with membrane switches and introducing our patent pending Spa-TouchTM switching technology to the industry. The all new T7 features 'Temp Up' and 'Temp Down' buttons, and allows you to hold either button to scroll through temperature settings. It also features a user accessible 'Economy Mode' feature, as well as an added 'Auxiliary' button. When connected to the new B7 control board (which will be shipping in all C5 controls starting sometime this spring), the auxiliary button can be programmed to operate a third booster pump (or air blower). The other new advantage of the T7/B7 topside/board combination is that it uses 'zero crossing' technology so the spa's components are turned on and off at the optimal zero crossing of AC power, which is easier on the relays and the components themselves. The T7 is just the beginning! It will soon replace the T5 (and the T6) as the standard topside that ships with new C5 controls, and in the coming months we'll be releasing bigger topsides with larger displays and even more options that use our new Spa-TouchTM switching technology. 

    The T7 Topside control comes standard with every C7 control system sold, and can be programmed for almost any spa's configuration. From a spa with a single pump and light, to a spa with a circulation pump, two booster pumps, air blower, ozonator, fiber optic lighting, and an entertainment system. The new T7 topside features a unique design that allows the installer to install the unit by simply drilling a 1-3/4" hole instead of needing to cut a rectangle out in the spa out with a jig-saw. Programming the T7 topside is simple and all done using the keypad. The T7 doesn't need a battery to remember it's settings. On-board flash memory makes sure that once a topside is programmed, it stays that way regardless of power status. Replacement for Vita Spas Control System - 467571 (Add 120V Transformer), and 467575.