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Sundance, Jacuzzi, LA Spas - Laing E10 CircMaster (230V, 50/60Hz,) 3/4" Barbed Circulation Pump - 6000-125

E10-NSHNDNN2W-01, 6050U0016, 6000-125, EL-64108-1

Laing, E-10 Circulation Pump - 6000-125, 6080U0010

  • LAING E10-NSHNDNN2W-01 (230V, 50/60Hz,) 3/4” BARBED CIRC PUMP - E10

    LA Spas Part Number: EL-64108-1, 5EL-64108-1 

    Vita Spas Part Number: 30420444, 420444 

    Compatible with: 

    J-315 / J-325 (2012+) models J-300 (All 2002-2011 Models) Collection J-280 / J-270 / J-230 (2002+) models Export 50Hz Circulation Pumps J-315 / J-325 (2012+) models 

    All SM- 909/1212 Models Have Been Discontinued 

    The replacement is the Laing E-10 Series Part Number: 6000-125 

    Dynasty, Sundance, Jacuzzi, Dimension One, and more.... 2002+ Jacuzzi® 240V Circulation Pump : 240V 50/60 Hz with Cord   (Replaces 6500-035 Pump)   

    This pump is for all 240V-only Jacuzzi J-200 and J-300 series spas built between 2002 and 2011.   


    SM909NHW-14 3/4' Barb 230V 

    SM909NHW-18 3/4' Barb 230V 

    SM909NHW-26 3/4' Barb 230V 

    SM959NHW-26 3/4' Barb 230/50V 

    The Ecocirc auto and vario were designed with the highly efficient electronically commutated permanent magnet motor (ECM technology). 

    Our revolutionary pump is designed to consume 40% less energy. 

    Added variable speed technology offers further power savings. 

    The E10 pump is compact and lightweight, less than 5 lbs.

    It is whisper quiet and programmable designed with the latest EC technology. 

    The flow rate dependent on the differential pressure control, adjusts the pump performance continuously and automatically to the requirements of the system. 


    Get 98 watts of performance for only 65 watts of power 

    Domestic or international 50 or 60Hz same high flow Compact Design 

    Consumes 40% less energy Lightweight, less than 5 lbs 

    Open Impeller - Resistant to Clogging Dry Run Protection   


    Water Circulation Aquarium Circulation Chiller Systems Saltwater and Freshwater Ozone Treatment   

    Pump Capacities: 15 GPM 

    Max Head: 20 

    Discharge Maximum Working Pressure: 50 PSI 

    Maximum Temperature: 140 F 

    Rotation: counterclockwise when viewed from the motor end   

    Motor Electronically Commutated AC/DC/AC Spherical Motor Canned Spherical Type Motor 115 Volt 62 Watts 60 Hz, 3100 RPM 230 Volt 71 Watts 60 Hz, 3200 RPM Automatic Overload Protection