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Dimension One Spas - M-Drive Upper Control Panel 8000-D19 With Install Kit - 8000-D19


Replaces 8000-D16, 8000-D17, & 8000-D18

  • Dimension One Spas Topside Control Panel, New Part Number: 8000-D19 

    Includes Installation Kit

    M-Drive Upper Control Panel

    Replaces: 3-70-0834, 0607-007057, DG-AD-MP-60K-019, IN.K961-LG, 1710-1026, KWH-AD-MP-60K-D18

    Dimensions: 3-1/4" x 12-1/2" 

    All Bay Collection Spas after the following serial numbers are equipped with the M-Drive upper control: 

    Sarena Bay starting S/N 135622 Lotus Bay starting S/N 135295 Dupree Bay starting S/N 135200 All 2007 to current Reflections (except Arena) after S/N 142595 and 2008 to current AFS are equipped with MDrive.